Meaningful Employment Makes for Excellent Employees

Jul 09, 2013

Community Living London - Supported Employment Services

Community Living London (CLL) is a registered charity dedicated to supporting people with intellectual disabilities and their families to live fulfilled lives. Part of life includes work, and CLL is devoted to supporting people in their jobs to accomplish this mission.

As you can see in this video, it isn’t only the people supported who benefit, but their employers as well. Four London employers discuss the wonderful and enriching opportunities they have found in strengthening their organization’s cultures and creating independent jobs of value, as well as positively affecting their community images and their bottom lines.

John Rossini, Service Manager Toyota Town

“Robert is a hard worker. It’s a busy facility and to take care of all the customers that we have and to get their cars washed and try to get them washed on time is very difficult. It’s nice to have someone like Robert here, who’s committed to doing a great job. Robert is very independent and he’s been doing that work himself so it’s freed up the time we have in the shop.”

Tracey Medeiros, Chief Operating Officer at Stevenson Hunt Insurance Brokers

“The mailroom is a viable part of our operation & without someone who takes it seriously and does a good job we would have a serious problem. I have been here for seven years and I can’t remember one time Heather has ever made a mistake so I would say Heather performs her job exceptionally well.”

Brent Barr, Office Manager at Westmount Neighbourhood Pet Clinic

“Mady has been an incredibly member of our team and has done incredible things for us. She has exceeded every one of our expectations… Being a new business we took a risk, but it turned out not to be a risk at all. It turned out to be absolutely one of the best decisions we’ve made”.

Brad Duncan, Chief of Police for London Police Service

“With 820 employees there’s more than one person named Kevin in this building but if you mention Kevin everyone will know what Kevin you’re talking about. Kevin started out (in one area) and we realized he had other skill sets that could be used in other areas. There’s been growth for Kevin and growth for the organization.”

To get started Chief Duncan says to ask yourself, “Is there a position and are the skills sets required available through Community Living London? Look at that first and then work out the other details, and that’s what we did. Often times we think there are stumbling blocks to employment when there really aren’t. So first ask the question, “Do we need the individual?” “Does this individual fit?” and then everything else will quite frankly fall into place.”