Serving Up Fire Roasted Coffee Success

Jun 06, 2013
Fire Roasted Coffee Company

“Our business is growing relatively quickly and we were noticing we were spending a lot of time down in the production floor as opposed to up creating new ways in which to conduct business, looking for new accounts, that kind of thing. So we approached job carving in a way that we could find a place for someone that we could depend on, to take care of the front of house side of things at Fire Roasted. And when we met Rhonda we knew immediately that she would fit amazingly in that position and she did,” says Matt Thompson, Accounts Manager of Fire Roasted Coffee Company.

The purpose of job carving is to maximize the efficiency of experienced staff. Employers may realize staff are overwhelmed or a customer need is not being met but are unsure how to address it. In this case, a Hutton House Employment Specialist worked with Fire Roasted Coffee to help match one of their clients, Rhonda, to their workplace need.

Watch the video below to learn how this arrangement has been a win-win for both Fire Roasted Coffee and Rhonda, who discusses the challenges of looking for work with a disability and the rewards of her customer service role at Fire Roasted Coffee thanks to the help of Hutton House.