We can spend hours telling you about the benefits of hiring for ability first, but we know there is no better convincing argument than hearing from other business owners like yourself. We have included a variety of testimonials from employers who have hired people with disabilities and invite you to peruse their thoughts on how hiring for ability first has positively impacted their organizations.

  • Shannon Churchill, Past General Manager, Strathroy & District Chamber of Commerce
    Shannon Churchill, Past General Manager
    Strathroy & District Chamber of Commerce

    You must look at the person and not the disability and let the abilities shine through.

  • Allison McGhee, Business Services Operations Leader 3M Canada
    Allison McGhee, Business Services Operations Leader
    3M Canada

    We want the best and brightest people. Nothing else matters.

  • Tracey Paddison
    Tracey Paddison, Human Resources Manager
    ZTR Control Systems

    In the end, it’s the ABILITY that really matters.

  • Inspector Steven Goodine in police dress uniform with London Police flag in background.
    Inspector Steven Goodine, Professional Standards Branch
    London Police Service

    When one succeeds we all succeed.

  • Taylor Ablitt Headshot
    Taylor Ablitt, Co-Founder & CEO
    GoViral Inc. & Diply.com

    Because everybody deserves a shot. And if people can break down these preconceptions about what someone is, or what someone can do as a person with a disability, our workforce will be much better for it.

  • Martin Kamil headshot
    Martin Kamil, VP Finance & Operations
    Black Fly Beverage Company

    Black Fly believes in finding talent where other companies may not & giving people a chance. It makes sense for us. We were introduced to a fantastic employee and have had an impact on someone’s life.

  • Crystal Northcott headshot
    Crystal Northcott, Manager
    Brown's Auto Supply

    I believe in giving everyone a chance and I see ability first.

  • Kristen Francis, Human Resources Coordinator, Voyageur Transportation Services
    Kristen Francis, Human Resources Coordinator
    Voyageur Transportation Services

    At Voyageur, we hire for ability first because our success comes from the people we employ. And as our vision states, we would like to be the company of choice for our employees and our customers.

  • John Rossini, Service Director, ToyotoTown
    John Rossini, Service Director

    It benefits us as a business, as well as the employee. It also benefits the existing employees in learning that we all can work together.

  • Kaitlyn Annaert, Human Resources Manager Voices.com
    Kaitlyn Annaert, Human Resources Manager

    We recognize that everyone is different and that each of us have unique skills and abilities to be offered.

  • Jason Graça in front of Covent Garden Market
    Jason Graça, Owner
    Manito’s Rotisserie & Sandwich Shop

    People with disabilities deserve a chance to be part of society & tend to make lasting connections with customers.

  • Headshot of Mel Quevillon
    Mel Quevillon, Enrolment Coordinator
    London Waldorf School

    Each individual deserves to be seen in their fullness, beyond whatever challenges are present in their life.

  • Jason Ménard, Content Strategist
    Digital Echidna

    We believe that the most important thing is someone’s talent. Everything else is secondary. If someone can bring value to our company and clients, then we’re committed to providing the tools they need to shine.

  • Glenda Smith
    Glenda Smith, Owner & Operator
    Smith Cheese

    Skill and enthusiasm are what is important.

  • Sandy Plant, Senior Director of Human Resources
    Sandy Plant, Senior Director of Human Resources
    London Hydro

    Hiring for ability first will successfully lead our organization into the future.

  • Anita Johnston, Manger Tim Hortons Sherwood Forest Mall
    Anita Johnston, Manager
    Tim Hortons

    It shouldn’t matter whether or not someone has a disability as long as they can perform the job requirements.

  • Dennis Winkler, GM Winks Eatery
    Dennis Winkler, General Manager
    Winks Eatery

    Employees with disabilities work hard, are loyal, punctual and have a great attendance record. Your other staff will have a change in attitude for the better.

  • Lori Henderson, Director of HR with Cuddy Farms
    Lori Henderson, Director of Human Resources
    Cuddy Farms

    Those with the ability and the desire to succeed will drive our business to success.

  • Marty Thody
    Marty Thody, Director of Operations
    Boler Mountain

    If you’re not hiring Persons with Disabilities, you’re overlooking opportunity. There’s a dynamic that really helps in the development of a team. Hire as much for the personality because we can teach anybody a task, and the rest of the skills come.

  • Joe Hoffer
    Joe Hoffer, Partner
    Cohen Highley LLP

    Cohen Highley LLP is committed to reaching through barriers to attract the brightest, most creative and dedicated people to join our team. Our commitment to reaching through barriers begins at the application stage, continues through the interview process and afterwards. Accommodation and accessibility are ongoing commitments to ensure that new and existing employees are able to provide the best possible service to our clients.

  • Jacky Hamden
    Jacky Hamden, Owner
    Pearl Shine

    I’m looking for the best candidates. My most amazing and skilled employees could very well have a disability.

  • Brent Barr
    Brent Barr, Owner
    Westmount Neighbourhood Pet Clinic

    Companies grow when you create a high functioning team, which we have at Westmount Neighbourhood Pet Clinic.

  • Neil Burnett
    Neil Burnett, Café Manager
    Edgar and Joe’s Café

    I want the best candidate.

  • Sharlene Decloux
    Sharlene Decloux, Vice President
    TD Canada Trust District, London East Area

    There’s a war for talent. We want to attract the best and brightest people to TD and the way to do that is to have a diverse workforce, with many different skill sets and experiences. Our people are our competitive advantage.

  • Adam Newington
    Adam Newington, Project Manager
    Ontario Panelization

    A person should be defined by their strengths and successes, not their barriers. Lead by example, show acceptance and others will follow. Showing acceptance will help to create a strong relationship between your employees and your company. This strong relationship should translate into a positive work environment, strong employee commitment, and company wide acceptance of all barriers. Knowing how to facilitate an inclusive environment is a key aspect of building a successful team.

  • Dave Cook
    Dave Cook, President
    Fire Roasted Coffee Company, Habitual Chocolate & Farmers’ and Artisans’ Markets Inc.

    It has validated our beliefs that everyone is equal you just have to match skills and job requirements.

  • Judy Clark
    Judy Clark, Office Manager
    Corus Entertainment

    We hire for ability first because we want to be as fair and diverse as the local communities we serve.

  • Colin Galloway
    Colin Galloway, Sports Manager
    Forest City Sports and Social Club

    The Forest City Sports and Social Club hires for ability first because it’s good for business and for our community.

  • Kevin Wu wearing a very fun pink, Chil's signature colour, furry hat.
    Kevin Wu, Owner
    Chil Frozen Yogurt Bar

    We believe that everyone has their own “inner genius” and ability to offer something to our community. Some people just need to be given a chance to find their inner genius and the opportunity to develop and use their unique skills. It feels good to help others, while getting some extra help for Chil. Partnering with Ability First has been a rewarding experience for everyone involved!

  • Vic Hurst
    Vic Hurst, General Manager
    Williams Fresh Cafe

    When you hire based on ability first you’re giving that person the chance and opportunity to showcase their skills as you would any applicant. It might be a little easier for me having prior experiences, but I’ve never had regrets. I think employers would be amazed at the quality of candidates dealing with a disability and their ability to overcome it to be successful.

  • Jamie Lee Arseneau
    Jamie Lee Arseneau, Volunteer Coordinator
    Habitat for Humanity London

    I hire for ability first because everyone deserves equal opportunity and a chance to prove themselves.