Tuesdays at Ten: 3M Canada

3M Canada
3M Canada
Dec 01, 2015

3M Canada is fundamentally a science-based company. They produce thousands of imaginative products, and are a leader in scores of markets – from health care and highway safety to office products and abrasives and adhesives. 3M Canada’s success begins with their ability to apply their technologies – often in combination – to an endless array of real-world customer needs. All of this is made possible by the people of 3M and their singular commitment to make life easier and better for people around the world.

An inclusive workforce makes us more creative & competitive.

On the first Tuesday of December, we welcomed Allison McGhee, Business Services Operations Leader with 3M Canada to our monthly Tuesdays at Ten on Twitter. This regular event features successful businesses that hire and retain persons with disabilities based on the philosophy of ability first in the workplace. Joe Gansevles, Employment Specialist with Hutton House and 3M Canada’s Partner in Employment, added to the discussion and it is always a pleasure to have him join us.

Allison McGhee, Business Services Operations Leader. #Tuesat10 December 1, 2015 10:00am EST with guest @3M_Canada.


Twitter Transcript: 

Ability First: Good morning Allison and Joe! It's great to have both of you here today to discuss employment of persons with disabilities. #Tuesat10

3M Canada: Thank you for having us! #Tuesat10

Hutton House: Thank you @AbilityFirstLdn for having Hutton House involved with #Tuesat10 we are excited! #Tuesat10

Ability First: Most are familiar with @3M_Canada as your products are part of people’s everyday lives. What is something people may not know? #Tuesat10

3M Canada: Thanks @AbilityFirstLdn for hosting #Tuesat10. @3M_Canada invents and makes more than tape and @postit. We’re a material science company.

Ability First: It's our pleasure to have you with us this morning. How long has @3M_Canada been in business? #Tuesat10

3M Canada: The original @3M company was founded in 1902 and @3M_Canada was one of the first subsidiaries to open in 1951. #Tuesat10

Ability First: That is an impressive history with many great innovations along the way. How many employees does @3M_Canada have? #Tuesat10

3M Canada: There are about 2,000 3Mers across Canada. #Tuesat10

Ability First: Did you have any prior experience working with persons with disabilities? #Tuesat10

3M Canada: Not in biz, but I have volunteered, helping people with physical disabilities and also at a group home. #Tuesat10

Ability First: How did this experience help to shape your outlook in the workplace? #Tuesat10

3M Canada: I have always felt, given the right opportunities, people with disabilities are just as capable as those who are able bodied. We just need to be open to providing opportunities. #Tuesat10

Ability First: It's great to see @3M_Canada taking a leadership role in this area. What were your feelings on hiring someone with a disability? #Tuesat10

3M Canada: Accommodations may be needed but from performance or expectation perspective, those with a disability should be treated the same as able bodied. #Tuesat10

Ability First: Was there a defining moment that prompted you to employ persons with a disability at @3M_Canada? #Tuesat10

3M Canada: I was inspired by Randy Lewis author of “No Greatness without Goodness” about what he was able to implement at Walgreens. After hearing Randy Lewis speak, I wanted the same at 3M. If someone is qualified for the role, they should be considered for the job. #Tuesat10

Ability First: How did you go about finding the right person(s) for the job? #Tuesat10

3M Canada: Joe at @HuttonHouseLdn preselected candidates based on our job description. We then interviewed & chose candidates we felt were the best fit. #Tuesat10

Ability First: Can you give a brief description of one of the positions filled? #Tuesat10

3M Canada: A group that takes the Point of Sale information we receive from our customers and “clean it” so that it will flow in to our system properly. It is a data management role. #Tuesat10

Ability First: How has this employee worked out for @3M_Canada? #Tuesat10

3M Canada: Very well. We are pleased with all of their performances. #Tuesat10

Ability First: What do you think are the more common misconceptions employers have in regard to hiring persons with disabilities? #Tuesat10

3M Canada: That they would not be as capable of fulfilling expectations as an able bodied person. Or, that too many allowances would have to be made. #Tuesat10

Ability First: Research has shown these are just that - myths. How do you attempt to correct these misconceptions? #Tuesat10

3M Canada: By hiring people with disabilities and having them set the example. #Tuesat10

Ability First: How has @HuttonHouseLdn worked with you to successfully hire and retain persons with disabilities? #Tuesat10

3M Canada: Once someone is hired Joe spends time here with new employees to ensure they are trained & capable on their own and then follows up on them too. #Tuesat10

Ability First: Joe, in turn how has @3M_Canada worked with @HuttonHouseLdn to ensure success? #Tuesat10

Hutton House: To find the right person for the job, @3M_Canada knew some of our participants would come with certain accommodations that would need to be addressed, but they also believed (rightfully so) that we were providing qualified individuals that could excel in the position. #Tuesat10

Ability First: What is your advice for other employers who may be thinking adding employees with #disabilities to their team? #Tuesat10

3M Canada: Go for it! You will have a positive experience! #Tuesat10

Ability First: Please finish this sentence, “@3M_Canada hires for ability first because...” #Tuesat10

3M Canada: We want the best and brightest people. Nothing else matters. #Tuesat10

Ability First: Thank you Allison for joining us from @3M_Canada this morning & sharing your experience employing persons with disabilities. #Tuesat10

3M Canada: An inclusive workforce makes us more creative & competitive. Thanks for having @3M_Canada at #Tuesat10 & all @AbilityFirstLdn does in #LdnOnt.

Ability First: Joe, it’s always a pleasure to have you join us. For more info on @HuttonHouseLdn free employer services: http://abilityfirst.ca/partners-employment/hutton-house #Tuesat10

Hutton House: Thank you again! We always enjoy sharing our experience with great employers like @3M_Canada! #Tuesat10

Ability First: Be sure to mark your calendars for our next #Tuesat10 on January 5, 2016 at 10:00am EST. Happy Holidays everyone!

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