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Sep 01, 2015

In the early days of September we spoke with Taylor Ablitt, Co-Founder and CEO of GoViral Inc., one of the fastest growing digital marketing companies in North America. 

Diply.com was launched in November of 2013 by GoViral. Diply is a sharing platform dedicated to connecting people with the things they love to see online. It is a place where people can share their own work and stay up to date with the best trending stories on the web across a quickly growing array of topics. 

If people can break down these preconceptions about what someone is, or what someone can do as a person with a disability, our workforce will be much better for it.

Taylor joined us for a live conversation on Tuesday September 1, 2015 to talk about why Diply feels strongly about employing people with disabilities as they grow their team. 

Taylor Ablitt in a suit standing in front of GoViral sign made up of hundreds of small photos.
Taylor Ablitt, Co-Founder and CEO of GoViral Inc. & Diply.com

We’re also pleased to welcome back Joe Gansevles, Employment Specialist with Hutton House, to our Tuesdays at Ten. As a Partner in Employment, Joe works with GoViral Inc. and Diply to find qualified candidates. He also provides other resources to the employer at no cost, such as training and onsite job coaching.

Joe Gansevles standing in front of the GoViral sign made up of hundreds of small images.
Joe Gansevles, Employment Specialist with Hutton House


Twitter Transcript: 

Ability First: Taylor, can you please tell us a bit about @Diply? #Tuesat10

Diply: Most people know us for Diply.com, a top 100 global website, and one of the fastest-growing websites in Internet history, specializing in trending content covering an array of topics from DIY to news to viral videos. #Tuesat10 @AbilityFirstLdn

Ability First: How long has @Diply been in business? #Tuesat10

Diply: We have been in business just over 2 years. We launched Diply.com in November of 2013. #Tuesat10 @AbilityFirstLdn

Ability First: Congratulations to the @Diply team on a tremendous amount of growth in a short time frame. How many employees do you have? #Tuesat10

Diply: We currently have 76 employees….with over 50 hires this year alone. #Tuesat10 @AbilityFirstLdn

Ability First: Did you have any prior experience working with people with #disabilities? #PWD #Tuesat10 @Diply

Diply: I’ve been volunteering with @SOOLondonCan for 8 years, managing/coaching Alpine skiing & softball. I’m very excited about attending the National Games in Newfoundland for skiing this coming February! #Tuesat10 @AbilityFirstLdn

Ability First: What were your initial feelings on hiring someone with a disability? #PWD #Tuesat10 @Diply

Diply: I knew it was just finding enough work – finding things #PWD could handle was my greatest fear but I was surprised by how much #PWD could take on & how little oversight was required once process & work understood. #Tuesat10 @AbilityFirstLdn

Hutton House: I noticed right from the start that this employee was considered a vital part of the @Diply team; they really appreciate the skills and abilities of their team members.

Ability First: Why did you decide to hire someone with a #disability at @Diply? #PWD #Tuesat10

Diply: I knew by bringing her on board, it would be a morale boost for all of the other employees in the office. She’s brought a lot of joy and a cultural bump for all those that she has interacted with at work. She improves all our days - not to mention the hard work she does! #Tuesat10 @AbilityFirstLdn

Hutton House: @Diply was open right from the start to Hutton House assisting; we helped review skills & where best to utilize them. #Tuesat10 @AbilityFirstLdn

Ability First: How did you go about finding the right person for the job opening you had at @Diply? #Tuesat10

Diply: The person we happened to hire was athlete of mine during 8 years I volunteered with #SpecialOlympics. From her work ethic as an athlete, I could tell she’d be a great fit for our office. #Tuesat10 @AbilityFirstLdn

Ability First: Can you briefly describe the position filled at @Diply? #Tuesat10

Diply: Administrative Assistant: assists with filing, shredding, delivering interoffice documents, makes coffee, organizes kitchen & other areas, keeps grocery list & provides general assistance around office as needed. #Tuesat10 @AbilityFirstLdn

Hutton House: I’ve been very impressed with @Diply's interest in building abilities; they've been really open & flexible to this employee trying new jobs & expanding her duties at @Diply. #Tuesat10 @AbilityFirstLdn

Ability First: How has this employee worked out for @Diply? #Tuesat10

Diply: Within a few short weeks, our employee had doubled her work hours, with a goal to have her working a full 40 hours per week within the next few months. #Tuesat10 @AbilityFirstLdn

Ability First: Did you have any preconceptions about employing someone with a #disability before doing so? #Tuesat10 @Diply

Diply: I don’t think I can say I had any preconceptions after having opportunity to volunteer with @SOOLondonCan @SOOntario for 8 years. But previous to that, yes, I would have and can understand why people would have them. My advice to employers is to try it out, you have nothing to lose. #PWD are like any other employee. #Tuesat10 @AbilityFirstLdn

Ability First: What are some of common misconceptions other employers talk about when they learn @Diply hires persons with #disabilities? #PWD #Tuesat10

Diply: Haven’t experienced that yet. From everyone I’ve talked to, they are completely for this. It’s exciting to see that & I hope with more exposure, others will begin to be open to employing #PWD. #Tuesat10 @AbilityFirstLdn

Ability First: Have you ever faced any of your own barriers in employment Taylor? #Tuesat10 @Diply

Diply: Yes – it’s something we all have to learn. There are words we use in our day to day interactions that are inappropriate & you may only realize they're inappropriate when you have individual with a disability around you. For example, with campaigns like @EndTheWord people are becoming more educated in this area and we will hopefully see many more improvements going forward. #Tuesat10 @AbilityFirstLdn

Ability First: Some excellent points; language definitely matters & is key in creating #inclusive work spaces. Great work @Diply & @EndTheWord. How has @HuttonHouseLdn worked with @Diply as your Partner in Employment? #Tuesat10

Diply: @HuttonHouseLdn is always available for questions, and they ensure a seamless transition for the employer. They provide great assistance in assimilating people with #disabilities into the workplace. With @SOOLondonCan, we've also utilized @HuttonHouseLdn for meetings & their facilities for dry land training. They are always willing to go above and beyond the standard need for assistance. #Tuesat10 @AbilityFirstLdn

Hutton House: It’s such a pleasure working with @Diply; the enthusiasm & support the team has for one another is so inspiring. #Tuesat10 @AbilityFirstLdn

Ability First: And @HuttonHouseLdn, how has @Diply worked with you to ensure success? #Tuesat10

Hutton House: @Diply has been open to trying different jobs & looking at where the employee naturally excels, as well as fosters job coaching from Hutton House to ensure success. #Tuesat10 @AbilityFirstLdn

Ability First: What is your advice for other employers Taylor? #Tuesat10 @Diply

Diply: Try it out! You have nothing to lose. I truly believe you will get back more than you give. #Tuesat10 @AbilityFirstLdn

Ability First: Please finish this sentence, “I hire for Ability First because...” #Tuesat10 @Diply

Diply: Because everybody deserves a shot. And if people can break down these preconceptions about what someone is, or what someone can do as a person with a #disability, our #workforce will be much better for it. #Tuesat10 @AbilityFirstLdn

Ability First: We couldn't agree more. Thank you Taylor for joining us to talk about #inclusive employment of #PWD at @Diply & the many benefits. #Tuesat10

Diply: Thank you for allowing our company to take part in this. We look forward to continuing to hire for #AbilityFirst. #Tuesat10 @AbilityFirstLdn

Ability First: Support businesses like @Diply who #PutTheAbilityFirst and create an #inclusive community. Thank you Joe from @HuttonHouseLdn for joining us & @Diply today. We always appreciate your voice in our employer focused #Tuesat10 series.

Hutton House: Thanks for having us and sharing these great insights! #Tuesat10 @Diply @AbilityFirstLdn

Ability First: Connect with Joe and the @HuttonHouseLdn Employment Services team to find your next great employee: http://abilityfirst.ca/partners-employment/hutton-house. And that’s a wrap! Thanks to everyone who joined today. See you back here on Tuesday October 6, 2015 10am EST for our next great #Tuesat10.

We always appreciate those of you who join us for our live Tuesdays at Ten sessions, and welcome new voices to our discussions. We encourage you to ask questions, share your thoughts, and interact with our presenters. Please mark your calendars for the first Tuesday of every month at 10am as we continue to highlight various local businesses who successfully put ability first in the workplace.

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