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Nov 03, 2015

ZTR Control Systems leads the way with their equipment management solutions in both Industrial Internet of Things and Locomotive Modernization. With hundreds of thousands of installations around the world, industry giants in various industries including rental, oil and gas, power generation and railways depend on their personalized solutions to improve the reliability and performance of their equipment. On their quest to find the best and brightest, ZTR Control Systems looks for innovators and because they want them to stay, they work hard to ensure their company culture is unparalleled.

We always look for the best candidate and to find the right fit to work within our organization. We look at all candidates equally and give each and every one of our candidates an opportunity.

Photograph of ZTR building with text: #Tuesat10 November 3, 2015 10:00am EST with guest @ZTR_Solutions

On the morning of Tuesday November 3, 2015 we had the pleasure of speaking with Tracey Paddison, Human Resources Manager with ZTR Control Systems during our monthly Tuesdays at Ten discussion on Twitter.

Also joining us for the discussion on hiring and retaining persons with disabilities was Katerina White, Employment Specialist with Hutton House and ZTR Control System’s London, Ontario Partner in Employment.

Tracey Paddison, Human Resources Manager, ZTR Control Systems

Twitter Transcript: 

Ability First: About to get started with this morning's #Tuesat10 with @ZTR_Solutions & their Partner in Employment @HuttonHouseLdn. During #Tuesat10 we speak with successful #LdnOnt businesses about employing persons with disabilities.

Ability First: Today we welcome guest Tracey Paddison, Human Resources Manager with @ZTR_Solutions. #Tuesat10

ZTR Control Systems: Good morning! Such an honour to be here! #Tuesat10

Ability First: Also joining us is Katerina White, Employment Specialist with @HuttonHouseLdn & one of @ZTR_Solutions' Partners in Employment. #Tuesat10

Hutton House: Good Morning! Thank you @AbilityFirstLdn for having us apart of #Tuesat10! We are excited to get started!

ZTR Control Systems: Yay Katerina! Good morning!!! We love working with you guys! #Tuesat10

Ability First: Good morning & thanks for joining us Tracey. @ZTR_Solutions recently attended the #ChampionAwards as a nominee. Congratulations! #Tuesat10

ZTR Control Systems: It was an inspiring event @MayorMattBrown @SeanIrvineCTV! Mike Mulligan's speech was amazing! #ChampionAwards #Tuesat10

Ability First: We'll have a newsletter shortly with all the details & those interested can sign up. Can you tell us a little about @ZTR_Solutions?

ZTR Control Systems: We design and manufacture innovative monitoring and control systems for railway & industrial applications. Industry giants depend on our personalized solutions to improve reliability & performance of their equipment. #Tuesat10

Ability First: How long has @ZTR_Solutions been in business? #Tuesat10

ZTR Control Systems: Going into our 28th year. #Tuesat10

Ability First: Again, congratulations! And how many employees does @ZTR_Solutions have? #Tuesat10

ZTR Control Systems: 160. On our quest to find the best & brightest, we look for innovators and because we want them to stay, we work hard to ensure our company culture is unparalleled. #Tuesat10

Ability First: Has @ZTR_Solutions had prior experience working with people with disabilities? #Tuesat10

ZTR Control Systems: Yes. We've worked with @HuttonHouseLdn for various placements in the past. #Tuesat10

Ability First: How has this experience at @ZTR_Solutions helped to shape your outlook on employing people with disabilities? #Tuesat10

ZTR Control Systems: Everyone has challenges; we all need to empathize and understand when someone needs a little help or just a break. Recognizing someone’s strength and drive to succeed inspires us all. #Tuesat10

Ability First: You make a great point, often a person with a disability simply needs an opportunity to be employed in a meaningful role & then excels. #Tuesat10

ZTR Control Systems: In a previous position, I was asked to hire seven employees with disabilities, train and oversee them. It was daunting at first but it turned out to be one of the most rewarding and educational experiences of my career. #Tuesat10

Ability First: What is your process when hiring someone with a disability at @ZTR_Solutions? #Tuesat10

ZTR Control Systems: If we have a candidate that requires accommodations, we immediately consider what we need to do to facilitate that person, both in the interview stages and if they are the successful candidate. We may question whether we are properly equipped or if we need to acquire special tools for assistance. #Tuesat10

Ability First: Why has @ZTR_Solutions made the decision to hire persons with disabilities? #Tuesat10

ZTR Control Systems: We always look for the best candidate and to find the right fit to work within our organization. We look at all candidates equally and give each and every one of our candidates an opportunity. Often we don’t know unless they tell us. We will accommodate the best candidate for the position. #Tuesat10

Ability First: How does @ZTR_Solutions go about finding the best candidates for your available positions? #Tuesat10

ZTR Control Systems: We use traditional HR recruiting methods & collaborate with @HuttonHouseLdn, as well as other recruiting agencies. #Tuesat10

Ability First: Can you describe one of the positions filled at @ZTR_Solutions by an employee with a disclosed disability? #Tuesat10

ZTR Control Systems: Production Assembler in our Production department. #Tuesat10

Ability First: How has this employee worked out for @ZTR_Solutions? #Tuesat10

ZTR Control Systems: He's impressed us so much with his work ethic, commitment to the company, ability to coach & mentor student hires. He began as a 3-month contract employee, was then hired FT & then promoted to team lead position overseeing seven employees. #Tuesat10

Ability First: Have you ever had any preconceptions about employing someone with a disability along the way at @ZTR_Solutions? #Tuesat10

ZTR Control Systems: We thought it may only be temporary. With this in mind, our approach is always to try our best to give the candidate confidence and additional skills. #Tuesat10

Ability First: How has working with an employee with a disability at @ZTR_Solutions changed this? #Tuesat10

ZTR Control Systems: We still go through same process. We consider ourselves progressive & aware company but as perceptions change we evolve to meet needs of individual. We are innovative in our approach to both business and employees. The secret is to listen and learn. #Tuesat10

Ability First: How has @ZTR_Solutions worked with @HuttonHouseLdn to ensure the success of their hires? #Tuesat10

Hutton House: @ZTR_Solutions has remained very communicative throughout the whole hiring process and been very supportive to those hired, seeing all of their possibilities and allowing for growth within the company. #Tuesat10

Ability First: What is the most common misconception you hear from other employers when they learn @ZTR_Solutions employs persons with disabilities? #Tuesat10

ZTR Control Systems: They often assume it’s a physical disability. #Tuesat10

Ability First: So many disabilities are non-visible. How do you attempt to correct some of the more common misconceptions at @ZTR_Solutions? #Tuesat10

ZTR Control Systems: Our HR department has an open door & open mind policy. Changes in perception happen through conversations. People can’t change what they don’t know. Being open and suspending judgement of trepidations or lack of knowledge opens the door to change. #Tuesat10

Ability First: That is an excellent way to shift the dialogue and change perceptions. What is your advice for other employers @ZTR_Solutions? #Tuesat10

ZTR Control Systems: Keep an open mind and value individuals on merit. #Tuesat10

Ability First: Please finish this sentence, “@ZTR_Solutions hires for ability first because..." #Tuesat10

ZTR Control Systems:@ZTR_Solutions hires for ability first because in the end, it’s the ABILITY that really matters.” #Tuesat10

Ability First: Again, thank you Tracey for speaking with us this morning about employing persons with disabilities at @ZTR_Solutions. #Tuesat10

ZTR Control Systems: It's an honour. We feel inspired by being part of the #ChampionAwards this year. Congrats to all the winners & thank you for the opportunity. #Tuesat10

Ability First: Another thank you to Katerina from @HuttonHouseLdn, one of our Partners in Employment in #LdnOnt: http://abilityfirst.ca/partners-employment/hutton-house #Tuesat10

ZTR Control Systems: Thank you @AbilityFirstLdn and @ZTR_Solutions! It’s always a pleasure to chat about our wonderful participants! #Tuesat10

Ability First: Thank you all for joining us today & please continue to support businesses that #PutTheAbilityFirst like @ZTR_Solutions. Be sure to mark your calendars for our next #Tuesat10 on December 1, 2015 at 10am EST with guest @3M_Canada.

We always appreciate those of you who join us for our live Tuesdays at Ten sessions, and welcome new voices to our discussions. We encourage you to ask questions, share your thoughts, and interact with our presenters. Please mark your calendars for the first Tuesday of every month at 10am as we continue to highlight various local businesses who successfully put ability first in the workplace.

We hope you’ll join us for our next Tuesdays at Ten, taking place on Tuesday December 1, 2015 with 3M Canada.

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Please contact us if you are a London, Middlesex, Oxford or Elgin County business who would like to be featured on an upcoming Tuesdays at Ten and employs persons with disabilities based on the philosophy of ability first in the workplace.

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