Community Living London

Employment Services
379 Dundas Street, Suite 120
London, ON N6B 1V5
190 Adelaide Street South
London, ON N5Z 3L1
Phone Number: 
519-673-5600 ext. 103

“The partnership we have created with them for over 20 years has benefited them and us in ways we can’t begin to describe. In their shared goals and beliefs, Cohen Highley and Community Living London have forged a relationship out of which came one of Cohen Highley’s most loyal and dedicated employees. Community Living London has proven to be an invaluable resource for advice, help and encouragement. Their job coaches work closely with both our firm and the individual to provide us with a streamlined service. Community Living has also initiated many of the public recognition pieces whereby the firm was recognized publicly for its work in hiring and promoting the hiring of people with disabilities: this is not something we actively sought out, but there is no question that we have benefited in a positive way from such public recognition. They support us on a continual basis and they are always there when we need them.”

Joe Hoffer, Partner Cohen Highley LLP

“Honestly without the expressed support by Community Living London we may not have embarked on this direction. They offered to bring a coach in to work with the individual hired to help carve the job, and then support us and the candidate through the initial 3-6 months so we could ensure success.”

Brent Barr, Owner Westmount Neighbourhood Pet Clinic