Hutton House

Hutton House Learning Centre
Cherryhill Village Mall
301 Oxford Street West
London ON, N6H 1S6
Phone Number: 
519 472 1541 ext. 227

“Hutton House has always introduced us to capable team members and delivered exactly what they promised. Hutton House has adapted work when required & provided supervision and coaching for their clients to succeed. Employees like working for Forest City Sports and Social Club, thanks in part to Hutton House support.”

Colin Galloway, Sports Manager Forest City Sports and Social Club

“I had a meeting with Hutton House and explained what job positions I needed filled. Their team helped me connect with the kind of people I was looking for, based on their ability to do the job.”

Kevin Wu, Owner Chil Frozen Yogurt Bar

“Hutton House was exceptional for finding the right candidates for us. (They are) some of our best workers.”

Dave Cook, President Fire Roasted Coffee Company