Leads Employment Services London Inc.

410-171 Queens Ave.
London, ON N6A 5J7
Phone Number: 
519-439-0352 or 1-866-355-3237

“When LEADS approached me and told me that they would find the perfect candidate for me I jumped on the offer. Having advertised job postings in the past on the internet where I receive hundreds of resumes in of a few days is daunting. That is a lot of resumes to sort through and I have found in the past that cold hiring doesn’t create any lasting commitments from the employee. With LEADS, I was able to explain exactly what the tasks would be and they found me a candidate with skills that suited the requirements. There was a great deal of my time saved by working with LEADS as they pre-screened the candidates. I feel there is a stronger relationship between the employee and our organization because of the follow up meetings, support and attention LEADS has provided to us. As an individual and an employer we feel that we are hiring a candidate for their ability and right fit to the company. We have heard it is tough for individuals with disabilities to find work out there, so if we can lead by example and show other business leaders what a positive experience it can be, then I think we should be doing that.”

Adam Newington, Project Manager Ontario Panelization