Why Hire Employees With Disabilities?

There are a number of reasons why putting ability first makes sense for businesses. Many organizations will focus on the emotional argument of it being “the right thing to do,” but we know that in business, the right thing also has to include a positive impact on your business function, bottom line, and corporate culture.

In this section, we are pleased to provide you with a collection of resources, statistics, and testimonials from businesses who have experienced, first-hand, the benefits of hiring for ability first.

What Does Hiring For Ability First Mean?

In its most simple terms, hiring for ability first means looking at a candidate strictly for the value they can provide to your business through the application of his or her skills, intelligence, experience, creativity, and talent.

Those are the qualities that matter. From there, it’s about providing your employees with the tools and resources they need to maximize those qualities for the overall betterment of your business.

Ability First – it means focusing on what matters.

How Ability First Can Help

Ability First is an organization comprised of volunteers who have experience working in environments where hiring for ability first is a core belief. The members work to advocate on behalf of the aforementioned concept of hiring for ability first, and are proud to serve as advisors, sounding boards, and supporters of businesses who are looking for more information at no charge to you.

Ability First offers access to free resources, both human and organizational, that can help you learn more about the business-building benefits of hiring for ability first. We encourage you to reach out to us – we’re happy to answer any questions, connect you with the right organizations and people, and support any efforts you have in removing occupational barriers for people with disabilities.

When you recognize, interview and hire for ability first you are making a sound business decision and a smart move.